Your Brand Is You

Do you have a burning desire to do something more meaningful and rock the world? 

Do you want to make more money doing what you love?

Do you want to feel more confident when presenting yourself, your business or your cause?

Do you want to attract more of your ideal clients and accelerate your business?confident woman

Then you should watch this  COMPLEMENTARY webinar!

Whether you want to re-energize yourself in your current work or transition to something completely new, you can learn how to supercharge your message and accelerate your success. The key is aligning with your true passion or CORE, then using the 5 Message Magnets to authentically connect with people on a deeper CORE level. It’s statistically proven that when you do, you attract more of what you want, loyal & repeat clients, and your confidence will soar! The perfect formula for your success!

By using 5 Message Magnets, rooted in both art and science, you can give voice to your vision and attract more of what you want. In this complementary session you’ll learn:

– How to C.onnect to your authentic story and what’s at your CORE

– How to O.ptimize your audience and align with their needs (and the science behind it!)

– How to R.evolutionize your message

– How to E.ngage your audience and

– E.nergize  your marketing efforts

When you speak your brand with confidence and have a strong and powerful message, you have the foundation to create the rally cry for YOUR “encore revolution”!

Watch this encore replay of this FREE session today. The dates in this video are from the last course we offered. Stay tuned for the next upcoming course. In the meantime, we are always taking on private clients where we use this same process!

Take some of the ideas from this video and you can get started on attracting more clients now!


Here’s what some of our past participants have said about the Your Brand Is You CORE program.

“I didn’t realize that how I was talking about my business was really affecting how people perceived me AND my business. There was a total disconnect with how I felt and what people were getting on the other side. This program made me stop and think and look at things totally differently… how I really felt about what I was saying about my business and what helps me to connect with others and attract them. I’m definitely moving forward at an accelerated rate!” – Anna L.

“I’ve been working in the financial industry for a long time. I had become disenchanted with my work and didn’t know what to do. Because of this program my job has changed a lot…it’s become a lot of fun and this has energized me. This is the beginning of a huge change in my business and attitude which directly affects my happiness. I realize how much I love what I do and why I have done it all these years. My productivity is already way up and I’m slated to be the top performer in my office this year.” – Cheryle B.

“I didn’t know what to say when I needed to talk about my business. It stopped me from putting my business out there and from doing what I really wanted to do. Since the program I’m much more confident when I’m talking about my business. It gave my business a voice and took the fear away. And the more I talk about my business authentically, more opportunities show up.” – Jannette E.

” I’m so excited that I’ve been hitting my financial goals!” – Shanie C.

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