“We hired Laura to put together two workshops for our Women’s Business Resource Group in our company. The first workshop was on personal branding and the second was on vision boarding. Laura worked diligently with us to develop content that would resonate with our target audience and that was in keeping with our corporate mission statement. Both workshops were extremely well received by everyone in attendance and in many cases these workshops taught people skills that they used at work AND in their own personal lives. Laura is thorough, energetic and thoughtful in her presentations and this results in an audience that is engaged from the moment she begins to speak. I would highly recommend her!!!”

– Laura Fitzgerald Kemmett, Regulatory Support Wealth Leader, Mercer Inc.


“I had spent most of my career working hard to keep my personal life and my professional life separate. Enter a branding expert who wants me to share my personal stories and focus not on WHAT I do or HOW I do it, but WHY I do it. …Laura helped me to uncover that the root of my passion for protecting the planet and all its species stemmed all the way back to 1st grade. I had never really considered that this random anecdote was the root of my true passion. I guess I didn’t make the connection because I swayed off the path a bit as I grew up. …I see it now though and look at me sharing it all over the place!”

“Once we got to the WHY, everything seemed to flow a little easier. The next thing we had to work on was developing the KLA Core Values or Manifesto. ..It is easier to build and sell our products and services and tell our stories when we refer back to this framework. We used it for a suite of new collateral from the logo, to a revamped website to fresh marketing pieces.”

– Kim Lundgren, CEO, Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc.


“I feel more confident in talking about my business. This work took the fear away and gave my business a voice.”

– Jannette E.


” Because of the ‘Your Brand Is You’ Program my job has changed a lot…it’s become a lot of fun and this has re-energized me. This is the beginning of a huge change in my business and attitude which directly affects my happiness. My production is already way up…”

– Cherlye B.


“Laura consistently stimulates ideas in those with whom she works. I loved her seminar, and have taken a lot of “homework” out of follow-up meetings we have had.”

– Patty Funder, LaserLight Skin Clinic, LLC & Writer/Editor


“This process made me stop and think, and look at things very differently. I see now that ‘how’ I describe my business can determine how I attract more customers and team members.” 

– Anna L.


” The Mastermind keeps me accountable and helps me to remember to focus on my ideal clients, the ones I love to work with. I’ve had the best months financially in my business and am reaching my goals.”

– Shanie C.